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There is actually a The Wanted song for every occasion

Sad:  High and Low, Personal soldier, I'll be your strength, All Time low
Happy:  Gold forever, Invincible, Rocket, Satellite, Golden
Party/horny:  Glad you came, Lightning, The Weekend, Rock Your body, Chasing The Sun
Romantic:  Weakness, Heart Vacancy, Made, Replace your heart, The Way I Feel
Weird:  Behind Bars, Let's Get Ugly
Sassy:  Turn It Off, Where I belong, A Good Day for Love to Die
Angry/heartbroken:  Warzone, Last to know, Lie to Me, Dagger, Lose My Mind, Say It on the Radio


The boys’ new version of All Time Low.


d d d drink it if you can- extended cut


Press play for a drunk Nathan Sykes AKA the funniest shit of your life.